Though education promotes mankind’s future and the happiness of the people. Experience has shown that its nature has been changing only with the passage of time as well as with place and locations. Education is of special significance for people emerging from long periods of bondage into self rule and sovereign democracy. Education bears different meanings for different regions and under different policies set-up. While it may mean quite something in rural surroundings and may mean differently in industrialized area, it is also sensitive to the type of political ideology prevailing among the different people even countries with many affinities tend to different substantively in the theory and practice of education. This leads one to the hypothesis that all through there might be something multiple in the broader dimension of education, local demand and local conditions do have their impact and it is certainly not possible to treat education practices as an “importable commodity”. The definition of education, therefore, as a preparation through life comes very true.

Ways to alleviate Illiteracy


To improve the quality of school education by employing innovative teaching methods that prevent learning from becoming a burden and allow students to retain the knowledge in a lifelong learning curve. Our aim is to create an environment where parents are eager to send their children to school and are confident that it will bring meaningful change in their lives. This we hope to achieve through the convergence of the efforts of all stakeholders.


Project "Nai Taleem"

Right to Education is a fundamental right guaranteed in our constitution under Article 21.  It enlarges a worldview of an individual, helps to build one’s confidence and also enables an individual to earn a decent livelihood. However, the school dropouts rates of children in India is enormously high because of social and economic reasons.  Keeping this in view, GUHAR   tries to provide education to the school dropouts, convincing the parents to send their children back to school. We believe in providing Value education to all the children in an inclusive manner.


GUHAR has taken initiative in 2019 and launched project “Nai Taleem” in Luhari Village, Distt. Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh with about 70 children from weaker section of society. Project “Nai Taleem” is inspired by Gandhian philosophy, values and going to be a combination of life skills, soft skills, vocational skills and other basic values to live a dignified life. We are extremely happy to spread enthusiasm among children and villagers in our “Nai Taleem” center. They are looking forward with great hope. 


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